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zJailbreak for iOS 18

Excited about the new iOS 18 but don’t want to miss out on cool customizations? 

zJailbreak is the perfect solution for you! As the leading jailbreak store, zJailbreak allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional jailbreak without compromising the security and stability of your iOS 18 device

zJailbreak is the best jailbreak store with over 1.1 million active devices worldwide.

Download the zJailbreak for iOS 18 from the button below and find out the jailbreak solutions exclusively available.

Most recommended iOS 18 Jailbreak solutions available with zJailbreak

Out of the massive collection of jailbreak apps, here we mention most recommended solutions for iOS 18 beta from various categories. Other than that, you will be able to access almost every jailbreak solution, other app stores and many more. Some apps still need to upgrade for IOS 18 beta and developers working on that.  

1. Sileem – Sileem is a jailbreak repo extractor you can download for IOS 18 beta. This app will let you install jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, system tweaks and many more on your iOS 18 device. It uses a repo extracting method to install these customization apps. Currently, this is the most outstanding repo extractor 

After installing the zJailbreak, you can easily install the Sileem repo extractor directly on your iPhone or iPad. No need to install any side loading utility or get the computer support.

Get the free tutorial from here.

Sileem for iOS 18

2. Unc0ver Black Edition – This is the most wanted app because of its nature. Unc0ver Black is very impressive with black interface. Also its best alternative to the Unc0ver Semi-untethered jailbreak  tool which is developed by famous developer Pwn20wnd. Unfortunately that wasn’t upgraded after iOS 14.8

zJailbreak offers you the unc)ver back installation.

Get the free tutorial from here.

Unc0ver Black Edition  for iOS 18

3. Zeon  –  Zeon is another jailbreak application that works on iOS 18 beta. This is the oldest version of repo extractor. Wide variety of repostaries available on Zeon. Using them users can install tons of jailbreak tweaks, themes and many more including Cydia and Sileo. This was the oldest repo extractor.  

Download & Install – Once you install zjailbreak app store from above button, you can directly install zeon on your device. It’s super easy. Just provide the device passcode.

Checkout the Step guide from here.

Zeon for iOS 18

4. Xina Virtual jailbreak –  Xina Virtual jailbreak is a virtual jailbreak process you can complete on iOS 18 beta. It’s an alternative method for Xina115 Jailbreak which was available for iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 running A12 – A15 devices. Once you complete the virtual  jailbreak process, finally you can install Sileo. Using Sileo install your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks.  

Click here for the Step guide.

Xina Virtual jailbreak  for iOS 18

5. Dopeem –  Dopeem is another simple jailbreak repo extractor you cloud use on IOS 18 beta. Compared with other jailbreak repo extractors it is very user friendly. This has listed massive 3rd party app collections under the various categories. Dopeem regularly updates by adding new sources. 

Dopeem can be installed through zJailbreak app store easily.

Dopeem for iOS 18

6. Checkra1n Mirror – Checkra1n Mirror is another iOS 18 jailbreak method you can download from zjailbreak app store. It comes with the Code Gen app. Users need to create the checkra1n mirror app code using the code gen app. After that you will be able to complete the jailbreak process and install the Cydia client version. 

Free tutorial is here.

Checkra1n Mirror for iOS 18

7. Tijong Xuni Jailbreak – This is a chinese jailbreak solution available in both Chinese and English language. It is a super easy virtual jailbreak method that you can download from this jailbreak store.You can install Cydia 2 after completing the Tijong jailbreak process. This is a reliable method used for a long time. You can install Tijong on iOS 18 running any device. 

Installation guide available here.

Tijong Xuni Jailbreak for iOS 18

8. Ela Theme –  Ela theme store is an amazing  theme collection for your iOS 18 device. You can customize your iOS 18 home screen and lock scream adding Ela themes. There are 70+ attractive themes available with easy installation options. These are working with both jailbroken and non jailbroken devices.

Grab it free from zjailbreak store.

Get Ele theme guide.

Ela theme  for iOS 18

9. Cheyote virtual jailbreak – iOS 18 beta supported another virtual jailbreak is Cheyote. It is an alternative to Cheyote rootless jailbreak for iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 Jailbreak by Odyssey team. This also non-system rooted virtual jailbreak process that won’t risk at all. You have to finish the jailbreak process by going through the easy steps and eventually install Sileo app manager to your device. 

Find a step guide.

Cheyote virtual jailbreak for iOS 18

10. Magic theme creator – This is a unique way to add themes to your iOS 18 iPhone or iPad. Once you install KMT creator from zJailbreak, you can choose preferred icons and generate your own icon pack. This is the easiest and recommended way to personalize your iPhone or iPad.

Magic theme creator for iOS 18

Why should you choose zJailbreak as your Jailbreak store for iOS 18?

  • No need to jailbreak, Apple ID
  • 100% online method
  • Non-system rooted method
  • You can easily remove zjailbreak any time
  • No adware, Malware 
  • You can completely trust zjailbreak, since it launch in 2015
  • Install apps and tweaks without going through the complicated process of jailbreaking 
  • Regularly updated
  • Outstanding support and quick fixes to app issues