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Can I install zJailbreak from Apple App store?

No, you can’t. You need to install it through zJailbreak official website or related site.

Can I directly download zJailbreak to my iOS device?

Yes. You just need to visit this zjailbreak site from your device safari browser and Just tap the install zJailbreak button.

zJailbreak is a Jailbreak or what?

No, zJailbreak is not a Jailbreak tool, It is a Jailbreak alternative. You can install Jailbreak apps & tweaks, themes from zJailbreak.

Will it be possible to install zJailbreak free?

Yes, You can install it for free. The free version provides basic features only. So you need to upgrade it to a premium version to get all the features work.

I Installed the zJailbreak, But it won’t work. What should I do?

You need to trust the developer profile after the installation, Go to Settings, General and Profile and Device Management to trust the developer. Now it should work.

When I tap the zJailbreak app, I am getting the message “Cannot Open zJailbreak” or “Cellular Data is turned off.” How can I go ahead?

It should have internet access to open the zJailbreak app. You just need to switch on your mobile data or connect to the Wi-Fi.

Why am I getting an Error message “Open this app on your homescreen”?

Remember to open the zJailbreak app on your device homescreen always. Do not use the iOS search option to open this application.

I have an iPhone 4S. Can I download zJailbreak for my 32-bit device?

Don’t worry. You can download zJailbreak because it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

Is it safe to install zJailbreak on my iPhone 12?

Yes, 100% safe. zJailbreak compatible with all latest iOS versions. Also, zJailbreak won’t access your iOS system root.

I do not have a computer. Can I download semi-untethered/untethered online jailbreak from zJailbreak?

Yes. zJailbreak will provide the online jailbreak solution for all semi-untethered/untethered jailbreaks. However, Online plist is blocked by Apple always. So, be patient until sorting out the issue.

Is zJailbreak compatible with non-jailbroken devices?

Yes. zJailbreak compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

Will it be possible to install Cydia from zJailbreak? Is it fully functional?

Of Course you can install Cydia from zJailbreak. But it is a lite version of Cydia. All the functions may not work with zJailbreak Cydia.

I have another issue which is not listed in the above FAQ.

Please send an email to us. We will send a reply asap. You can find the zJailbreak support email address on the app.