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iOS 17.2 Jailbreak

We have listed the most recent and trustworthy iOS 17.2 Jailbreak methods here. These methods are compatible with iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak too.

All jailbreak methods have been evaluated with iOS 17.2 and iOS 17.2.1, are free from any harmful content, ensuring a safe and seamless experience. So, zJailbreak is the right place to download iOS 17.2/ iOS 17.2.1. Select any of the following methods to Jailbreak iOS 17.2/ iOS 17.2.1 to install 3rd party apps on your iPhone or iPad.

This webpage covered followings info related to iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1,
iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak Methods

If you already have upgraded to the latest iOS 17.3-iOS 17.5, visit iOS 17.3/iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.4/iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak or iOS 17.5 Jailbreak (beta) pages.

iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak methods

1. Sileem Repo Extractor

Sileem Repo Extractor is a best solution in the jailbreaking scene, consistently updating for every new iOS release. Now, Sileem supports iOS 17.2 jailbreak and iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak, making it possible for users to install a variety of jailbreak tweaks, apps, themes and more. The best part is that Sileem is compatible with a wide range of device models including iPhone 15 and iPhone 14.

Sileem repo extractor for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • It was initially released as an iOS 16 and higher jailbreak solution and later upgraded to all iOS 16 versions up to iOS 16.7.7. Also, upgraded for early iOS versions up to iOS 17.1.2 and all other higher iOS 17 versions.
  • Sileem Rx is available in two languages. English version available for worldwide users and Japanese version especially for Japanese users.
  • Still you will be able to claim the warranty for any iOS damages after installing Sileem Rx
  • You can change the Sileem app theme by extracting the official Sileem theme repo.
  • More colorful widgets available to customize iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 as well as iPadOS 17.2/17.2.1
  • Install Cydia and SIleo lite version through Sileem package repo without jailbreaking

2. Palera1n Terminal virtual Jailbreak

Palera1n Terminal virtual Jailbreak is a reliable and user-friendly iOS 17.2 jailbreak solution for Sileo Lite installation. iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak is also compatible. This method employs the straightforward IPSW Terminal key matching, providing a seamless online experience. It serves as a best  alternative to the Palera1n semi-tethered Jailbreak tool

Palera1n terminal virtual jailbreak for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • With the Palera1n terminal virtual jailbreak process, you can easily install Sileo Lite
  • It has flexibility to uninstall it without necessitating a device version upgrade. 
  • You have the freedom to install, uninstall, and reinstall it at your convenience.
  • This solution extends its support to the all iOS versions iOS 16 – iOS 17.2.1 running all iPhone models
  • Your iPhone not vulnerable to malware and virus when you install Palera1n virtual 
  • When you complete the key match process with, Terminal and IPSW file, Palera1n Virtual app will be replaced automatically

3. Checkra1n Mirror

Checkra1n Mirror is a new jailbreak solution introduced with iOS 17 and now compatible with iOS 17.2 & iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak too. It employs a different approach to install Cydia compared to previous methods. In the Checkra1n Mirror jailbreak procedure, you generate a Checkra1n mirror code using the CodeGen application and then utilize it to execute the Checkra1n mirror exploit for installing the Cydia Client version.

Checkra1n Mirror for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • Installs both the Checkra1n mirror app and the CodeGen app simultaneously on iOS 17.2 & iOS 17.2.1 device
  • Does not require placing your device in DFU mode, unlike the Checkra1n semi-tethered method.
  • Checkra1n Mirror version not available for iOS 17 lower versions, don’t try on lower iOS versions
  • An alternative to Checkra1n semi-tethered jailbreak solutions available up to iOS 14.8.1 Jailbreak
  • No need to put your iOS 17.2 or iOS 17.2.1 device into DFU mode for the jailbreak process
  • Your iPhone’s performance degradation might not be noticeable after installing Checkra1n Mirror

4. Dopamine17 Online

Dopamine17 online is another impressive iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak method that you can try on latest device models. It was initially released as an iOS 17 jailbreak solution and later upgraded for all iOS 17 versions. This method is completely independent of PC support, offering an easy and hassle-free way to jailbreak iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1. This can be considered as an alternative for Dopamine jailbreak available up to iOS 15.4.1.

Dopamine17 online jailbreak for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • Sileo lite and Zebra lite package managers available to install jailbreak apps
  • It’s smooth and fast, and even installs/uninstalls process completed less than one minute
  • No reduction in battery performance. If you see a 1% drop in battery capacity, it’s avoidable
  • You don’t need to use sideload utility such as Altstore, Sideloadly to install Dopamine17
  • 100% safe, No root access because it is run as web-based application
  • It works on iOS 17.2 or iOS 17.2.1 without interfering with the security features provided by Apple

5. Unc0ver Black Edition

Unc0ver Black Edition is a reliable jailbreak solution for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1. By installing Cydia black using the Unc0ver Black, you gain access to third-party apps seamlessly. The jailbreaking process is smooth and user-friendly, making it suitable for a wide range of iOS device models, including the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 15.

Unc0ver Black Edition  for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • An alternative to the famous Unc0ver Semi-unthred jailbreak, available up to iOS 14.8
  • Unc0ver Black was released especially for iOS 16 and quickly became popular among jailbreak users. Therefore, every version has been updated since then
  • You can quickly install or remove the app using your device passcode
  • No risk of compromising your smartphone security and performance
  • It has a simple user interface, supports all latest iPhone, iPads 
  • It is an entirely safe and reliable solution for iOS 17.2 & iOS 17.2.1 users

6. Xina Virtual iOS 17.2 jailbreak

Xina virtual jailbreak is another iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 jailbreak solution that you can install jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes. This is an easy method that does not access your iOS file system. Once you install this web-based Xina Virtual app it will be able to jailbreak viratully and install Sileo for device customization.

Xina Virtual jailbreak for iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1

Step-by-Step Guide

Key Features:

  • Best kind of jailbreak alternative for XinaA15 jailbreak available for iOS 15-iOS 15.4.1
  • Install the Sileo package manager as default app manager with limited features
  • You need to provide your device passcode for installation process as well as uninstallation
  • Compatible with all iOS 15.2 – iOS 17.2.1 versions
  • Working on iOS 17.2/iOS 17.2.1 running A12-A16 devices
  • It has direct download method, no need to sideload IPA using sideloading utility

What are the benefits of using jailbreaking solutions? 

When you choose to jailbreak solutions, you can install third party apps not available in the Apple App store. This allows you to personalize your home screen, run multiple apps simultaneously, and experiment with various widgets and themes, all enhancing your iPhone user experience with a fresh and unique touch.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that using the above jailbreaking solutions does not automatically expose your iPhone to malware and viruses. 

How to install Cydia for iOS 17.2?

When Jailbreak iOS 17.2, it will automatically install Cydia. But there is no way to install fully functional Cydia on iOS 17.2 yet. But you can install the Cydia lite version through zJailbreak. Refer above jailbreak solutions.

Can I downgrade iOS 17.2?

Yes, downgrading your device to a previous iOS version is possible. So now you can downgrade to iOS 17.1.1 or iOS 17.1.2. However, Apple no longer signs iOS 17.1 or older versions.

Step guide for Downgrade iOS 17.2 to iOS 17.1.1 or iOS 17.1.2

Step 01 – Connect your device to iTunes or Finder:

  • Plug your device into your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on Windows or Finder on macOS.

Step 02 – Backup your device:

  • Once your device is detected, launch iTunes on Windows or Finder on Mac.
  • Choose the option to back up all your data to your computer.
  • Click the “Backup Now” button.
  • Check if the backup was successful by looking at the date and time of your last backup.

Step 03 – Put your device into Recovery Mode:

  • For iPhone XS or later: Press Volume Up, then Volume Down, and hold the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • For iPad models with Face ID: Press Volume Up, then Volume Down, press and hold the Top button until your device restarts, and keep holding until it enters recovery mode.

Step 04 – Restore your device:

  • iTunes will show options to restore or update your device. Choose “Restore…” to set it back to factory settings. This erases your device.

Step 05 – Activate your device:

  • After the restoration, sign in with your Apple ID in iTunes to activate your device.

Step 06 – Restore from your backup in iTunes:

  • When prompted, choose to restore your information from a previous backup.
  • Select the iOS/iPadOS backup you created before installing the beta.
  • Click “Continue,” and iTunes will restore your device.

Step 07- Restart your device:

  • After restoration, your device will shut down. Restart it and follow onscreen instructions from Setup Assistant.

Note: If you’re using macOS Catalina, you can restore your device using Finder. After putting your device into Recovery Mode, select it from Locations in the Finder sidebar.

Palera1n Semi-tethered Jailbreak support on iOS 17.2? 

Not at all. There are no Palra1n Compatible iPhones available. It has only Plara1n Compatible iPads only. On the other hand, the Palera1n team does not mention the iOS 17.2 or iPadOS 17.2 version. Last supported version is iPadOS 17.1. Recently @dora2ios confirmed that Palera1n does not work on iOS 17.2 and stays lower than iOS 17.1.1.

Can Misaka Tweak manager be installed on iOS 17.2?

Yes, the latest Misaka v3.0 update added iOS 17-iOS 17.2 support to install Misaka tweaks without Jailbreaking. Download it from the official discord channel because the download link is updated every second.

Where can I download iOS 17.2? 

It is still in beta stage. Apple has launched the initial developer beta for iOS 17.2. If you are a member of the Apple Developer Program, whether free or paid, you will find the option to install iOS 17.2 available in your settings. It’s advisable to avoid installing the developer beta on your primary iPhone.