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iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak 

zJailbreak is a widely-used alternative solution for jailbreaking. Now it has been upgraded for iOS 16.4 jailbreak & iOS 16.4.1 jailbreak as well. zJailbreak offers multiple jailbreaking options for iOS 16.4 & iOS 16.4.1 iPhone or iPad.

All you have to do is just install zJailbreak with a single click using the below button. Then, a lot of Jailbreak iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 features you can add to your iOS device. It comes with a super easy online installation process.

Are you interested in another latest version? zJailbreak provides a jailbreak solution for all latest versions. Refer to iOS 16 – iOS 16.0.3 Jailbreak, iOS 16.1 – iOS 16.1.2 Jailbreak, iOS 16.2 Jailbreak, iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 16.5/iOS 16.5.1 Jailbreak, iOS 16.6/iOS 16.6.1 Jailbreak, iOS 16.7-iOS 16.7.7 Jailbreak, iOS 17 – iOS 17.0.3 Jailbreak, iOS 17.1 – iOS 17.1.2 Jailbreak, iOS 17.2 /iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak. iOS 17.3/iOS 17.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 17.4/iOS 17.4.1 Jailbreak or iOS 17.5 Jailbreak (beta)pages.

If you are still in older iOS 15 versions, refer to iOS 15.6 / iOS 15.6.1 Jailbreak, iOS 15.7 – iOS 15.7.9 Jailbreak or iOS 15.8-iOS 15.8.2 Jailbreak pages.

How to get iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak features using zJailbreak?

zJailbreak always comes with a smart and simple process and you can customize iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 iPhone or iPad using the following Jailbreak features easily. 

Here we have listed the top 10 iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak solutions you can download through zJailbreak only. zJailbreak always prioritizes the latest developments. Other than that there are massive 3rd party customization apps available, just install and try. 

1. Hacksnow

zJailbreak recently added this Hacksnow Semi jailbreak feature. It lets you jailbreak iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 virtually. Once you complete this web-based jailbreak process, hacksnow app will offer you all package managers with limited functions. This process is super simple. This is available on zJailbreak “jailbreak category”.

2. Sileem

Sileem was also recently introduced with iOS 16 and is spreading as the best repo extractor. Now iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak support has been added. Sileem uses the repo extracting method to install the third party apps, Tweaks, themes on iPhone and iPad.

3. Zeon

zJailbreak has offered Zeon app for a long time. It is now compatible with the Jailbreak iOS 16.4 & iOS 16.4.1 solution. Zeon has two in one solutions such as Zeon app, Zeon repo extractor. Zeon repo extractor is a famous solution among Jailbreak users. Best way to customize iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 device without any issue.

4. Cydia (Lite) for iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1

Cydia (Lite) is the most unique feature of zJailbreak. That is you can install Cydia directly on your iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 iPhone or iPad using device passcode. No iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak required. However, it comes with limited features. You can download it from zJailbreak Most Popular category.

5. Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak

Palera1n virtual jailbreak is a recently developed method and it works with iOS 16.4 as well as iOS 16.4.1. This is an alternative to PC based Palera1n semi-tethered jailbreak tool. Even Though Palera1n semi-tethered does not work with the latest A12-A16 devices, the Palera1n Virtual method works. Just have to follow the simple virtual jailbreak process.

6. Unc0ver Black Edition

This is also the latest method for iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak. Feel the Uncover Jailbreak experience with black interface, not only that Black Cydia is also available. Need to follow up the virtual jailbreak process once your device compatibility is checked. No PC needed, directly run through your iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 iPhone or iPad.

7. Xina Virtual Jailbreak

Xina Virtual jailbreak available for iOS 16.4 & iOS 16.4.1. It is a newly released alternative to XinaA15 jailbreak. All you have to do is download the app and respring it. Sileo installation will be offered once the process is complete. No PC required, No need for any sideload utility. Just download it from zJailbreak and run through your iPhone or iPad directly.

8. Ela Themes

Ela Themes is a theme store for iOS 16.4 & iOS 16.4.1 users. It has 70+ themes to customize youriPhone or iPad. People mostly jailbreak their devices for themes. So using Ela themes they can do that without jailbreaking iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 devices. It has a variety of amazing themes which completely change your iPhone interface.

9. TijongXuni Jailbreak

TijongXuni Jailbreak is a widely used Chinese jailbreak solution. Jailbreak iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 virtually with Tijong app. Eventually, you will be able to download Cydia 2. This Cydia version has limited features. Tijong is not an advanced method. iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 users can try this easy web-based process because it’s 100% safe.

10. Metaw

Metaw is a wallpaper collection. Now iOS 16.4 & iOS 16.4.1 users also can get these wallpapers through zJailbreak. Check out this fantastic collection of  iPhone wallpapers with Metaw. It will modify both homescreen and icons completely. Get refreshed your iPhone with Metaw wallpapers.

Why do you need zJailbreak as an iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak solution?

  • zJailbreak is world famous appstore with over 5 Million active users around the world
  • Always provide risk free, trusted jailbreak solutions
  • zJailbreak give you access to a wider range of apps and features, and allows you to customize your iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 iPhone’s functionality 
  • Any time you can remove the zJailbreak or its components from your iOS device easily
  • Not affected your bend new iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 device warranty
  • There are no semi-tethered or semi-untethered jailbreak tools for latest devices such as iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iPhone 14
  • As direct Cydia installation method as well as Sileo installation method
  • No adware/No malware
  • No need Apple ID or Password for app installation
  • All process can be made online (No PC method)
  • To change the theme, icons, animations, and other visual elements of the user interface